Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thus another football season comes to a close...

It's been quite a while since my last update. Not like any of ya'll have noticed... Mario Williams didn't make it into the probowl, instead, 3 undeserving DEs are going in his place. DeMeco is our only probowler. He's the starting middle linebacker.

We finished 8-8, and among the top in passing offense, dispite losing our top WR, starting QB, and starting RB.

Oh, and here's a video for your enjoyment. Uploaded by me of course.

Friday, December 14, 2007

If Mario's not in Hawaii, somethings wrong with the NFL...

Writer's Note: This blog entry is about Mario Williams, and the Pro Bowl. A game analysis will come soon enough. So keep your pants on!

Be honest now. Who actually believed through 14 games, Mario Williams would be a mere half a sack away from the league lead. With his 3.5 sack performance, he now leads the AFC with 13 sacks on the year, and an astounding 9 sacks in the last 5 games. He was an absolute beast out there, and with each sack, Mario is looking more, and more "super" with each game. However, at the top of the voting numbers among DEs is none other than Dwight Freeney. The Colts starting defensive end with a unparalleled 3 and a half sacks. Wow, now that's a probowl season! (I have to admit, textual sarcasm is very hard to do.) I beleive our hero most recently had that ammount in one day.

This makes me glad that the voting is only a third of the process. Otherwise, I'd be outraged.

Many of us were upset that the LB that was 2nd in Total Tackles last year with 156 was snubbed out of the probowl last year. Again, this year seems to be the case because the ILB that has the most votes is Tedy Bruschi. Nothing against the guy, but last time I checked he's not dominant. He has 2 sacks, 73 tackles, 0 FF, 0 FR and 0 INTs. Let's take a look at our very own linebacker... DeMeco Ryans has 121 tackles, 1 FF, 3 FR and 1 INT.

Fan voting makes me sick.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lack of updates, but more to come...

Sorry for not keeping up with this thing. It's a mixture of no one reading it and laziness that keeps me from writing.

I will however, later today attempt to write all in one article about the last three games.

Here's a sneak preview for those of ya'll who don't watch the Texans.

We've won 2 out of 3.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chargers game.

To see my thoughts and feelings about the Chargers game, take a look at the post made on Thursday, October 18, 2007 and multiply that exponentially by 35 (which was the Chargers score after the first half, by the way).

Monday, October 22, 2007

Snakebitten City

I think Warren Moon was right when he said that Houston was snakebitten. It's true. With all of the odd, horrifying, and confusing defeats throughout the years, while cities like Dallas, Boston and New York continually get breaks handed to them, it's safe to say Houston is snakebitten. In recent history there have been some very strange happenings around our sports scene. Game 5 of the 2005 NLCS, Rams @ Texans 2005, this game, Rockets emplosion in the playoffs last year, and much more included in the whole history of the city. The infamous Wild Card game, the inability for the Astros to get through the first round of the playoffs until 2004, the Texans being the only franchise to not have a playoff birth in their first 5 years, and even more than that! I have mixed feelings for yesterday's Texans game. I'm very excited that our defense held the Titans to 8 FGs instead of 8 TDs, and that we came back and scored 29 points in the 4th quarter, yet horrified that we allowed it to get that far out of reach to begin with and how it's impossible for us, and this City to hold down a lead with 1 minute left. (See 2005 Rams game and 1993 AFC Wild Card.)

Think about it. When Bud left this city, he brought a mediocre 8-8 Oilers team with him. 2 years later, where did it get him? Super Bowl XXXIV. They enjoyed success as one of the better AFC teams for another 5 years. When was the last time Houston had a football championship? 2006 Dynamo? Wrong football. In fact, it was in 1961. When we did have a dominant team, things mysteriously moved into place to block us from getting to the promised land. Think back to the Luv Ya Blue days. What prevented us? We were unstoppable to all teams but one. The Steelers. Now to the late 80s-early 90s. We had a very good team in the middle of those years, but could never make it.

Something left this city in the early 60s.

(I don't even want to recap Sunday's game because it was so bad...)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Texans killed last Sunday; Who cares about the score?

We got outcoached, out-refed, out-played, and any other out there is.

We stunk up the field.

We suck.

Bring on the Titans.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Texans win very ugly, but still a win. 22-19.

What an ugly win today, an UGLY win. For about 59 minutes and 10 seconds I was mad out of my mind. ANGRY, if you will. Terrible play call mixed in with terrible play was very frustrating to watch. We couldn't run the ball, we averaged 2.5 yards a carry against the worst run defense in the league. They ran the ball and passed well ALL game. Their passing stats may not show it, but they made some key 3rd down conversions with their passing play. Our passing game wasn't half bad, considering how bad it seemed on on the field. Matt Schaub at 294 yards passing today. That one pick wasn't his fault. I forget who it was intended to, but the receiver looked afraid to catch that ball on the play.

This is the controversial block by Trent Green that resulted in his concussion. I'm with TJ on this one, however I do think his words in the locker room were uncalled for yet true. Trent Green tried to hit TJ's knees on the play while TJ wasn't looking. This is a cheap block. VERY cheap. TJ was lucky he didn't have a broken knee, broken arm, or broken neck on the play. I don't want to say Trent Green deserved this injury, but he definitely brought it upon himself. I'll be praying for him for the rest of the season, or however long it is until he gets back.

Ronnie Brown ran all over our defense today, we just couldn't tackle the guy. It was annoying seeing all of our people just arm "tackle" him all game. We also made Cleo Lemon look like a probowler, much like we did Harrington last week. The one good thing about our defense is that we held them to field goals when we needed to. They had 4 field goals and a touchdown on the day.

On offense we looked equally inept as last week. With all our injurys to the receviers, you would think the passing game would be our worst problem, right? Wrong. Rushing today we had 60+ yards. 2.5 yards a carry will simply not cut it. The only good thing to come out of our rushing "attack" would be the play action worked well. Again 294 yards passing for Matt Schaub isn't half bad. Andre Davis is playing like this is his last game in the NFL. And 2 weeks ago, it probably would have. But after another 70 yard day, I say he's probably going to stay on the roster for a little while.

Somehow we won riding the boot of Kris Brown today, as he kicked a monsterous 57 yard field goal to win the game with 1 second left on the clock. He broke the franchise record for longest field goal 3 seperate times today. He's also only the 3rd player to kick 3 50+ yard field goals in a game. I wonder how many kickers have kicked 3 54+ field goals in one game?